Yakima Movers: How to Pack a Move

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Moving can be a stressful experience, and one of the most important things to do before you start packing is to make sure that you know how to pack your moving supplies correctly. This blog post will help teach you these techniques so that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

The first step is to clean out any space in which items are currently stored. Next, take everything from the storage space and place it on the floor or driveway next to what will become its new home once it’s packed into boxes for transport by movers Yakima Washington.

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Now you’ll need to divide your items into two categories: fragile or not breakable. For those that are not, it’s time to find a box for them and get packing. If an item is delicate enough to feel like it might be broken if handled carelessly, then wrap in bubble wrap before placing inside the box with other goods. You may also want to double-box these items depending on how big they are.

For all of the boxes that will hold things such as lamps, clothing hangers, shoes, etc., do make sure there is plenty of room at either end so that similar pieces can lay flat without getting wrinkled up during transportation. That way everything should arrive looking just as good as when you packed it.

When packing clothes, it is important to roll them up so that they don’t get wrinkled. Place items with similar colors together for easier unpacking after the move. It’s also a good idea not to pack too many plastic bags in one box because these usually end up getting torn or punctured and then you have an entire load of wet clothes at your new home! In conclusion if you need help moving to Yakima, WA or just around the area contact us.